XOBD Reset Tool

Dealer Level Diagnostics

16 special functions across MOST makes and models from 1996 to 2021

The XOBD Reset tool is the ulimate hand-held tool providing 16 special functions with OBDII engine diagnostics. If you're a professional mechanic or workshop, it is a must have maintenance tool for your tool box. The XOBD Reset tool is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective professional grade reset tools on the market for MOST European, Asian and American makes and models from 1996 to 2021.

Updates are provided for FREE, for LIFE. There are no expensive subscription fees and it's completely UNLIMITED. There are no retrictions on the functions or the makes and models it can be used on and comes with no VIN restrictions. There aren't many reset tools that can claim to provide such a generous offering.

Supports 16 special functions across MOST makes and models from 1996-2021

Unlike other tools, the XOBD Reset tool provides a comprehensive set of reset features with no limitations or restrictions. All 16 special functions can be used against MOST makes and models from all the major European, Asian and American manufacturers.

Injector Coding

Airbag Reset

Oil Service Reset

Electronic Parking Brake Reset

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Reset

Battery Registration


Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

Steering Angle Learning

Tooth/Gear Learning

ABS Bleeding

Window Initialisation

Gearbox Matching

Air Suspension

Dashboard Recovery


Supports OBDII Engine Diagnostics

In additional to the 16 maintenance functions, the XOBD Reset tool can be used for basic engine and emissions related OBDII diagnostics supporting multiple protocols.

Please note this is a specialist maintenance tool with a focus on a wide coverage of special functions rather than enahnced OBD diagnostics. If you're looking only to perform enhanced OBD diagnostics, then please take a look at our XOBD All Scanner tool which carries out enhanced OBDII diagnostics, across all ECUs using proprietary manufacturer protocols. It also comes with a set of five special maintenance functions.

Read Engine Fault Codes

Erase Engine Fault Codes

Read ECU Information

Read Freeze Frame

Actuation Test

Live Data Stream

On-Board Monitor Test

O2S Monitoring Test

I/M Readiness

Auto VIN Scan

Supported Protocols

  • SAE J1850 PWM
  • SAE J1850 VPW
  • ISO 14230-4
  • ISO 9141-2
  • ISO 15765-4

XOBD Reset Tool - Not many tools come close to the number of special functions available and their coverage

The XOBD Reset Tool is a 16 pin OBDII hand-held Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) with a colour 320x480 dpi TFT screen.

Long gone are the days when only dealers had the tools to access special functions. The reset tool allows independent workshops to access the same special functions as the dealer tools. Without spending thousands of pounds on specialist dealer equipment.

Key features

  • Works with MOST major European, Asian and American makes and models. Use our interactive vehicle coverage tool to see which functions are supported by manufacturer.
  • Premium and robust build quality - you'll feel it when it's in the palm of your hands
  • Comes with a protective rubber case to withstand bumps and falls
  • OBDII engine diagnostics
  • Read and clear error codes
  • Look up DTC codes via the DTC library for detailed explanations
  • Supports 16 special functions
  • Service Reset
  • Live data
  • Freeze frame
  • On-board monitor test
  • I/M readiness
  • O2S monitoring test
  • Actuation tests
  • Free updates for life with no subscription fees

The XOBD Reset tool packs quite a punch. It's a tool to be taken seriously. We're really passionate about it and what it has to offer. Customers always comment on the wide range of support for so many makes and models, which we think really makes the XOBD Reset tool stand out from the rest.

What's included?

1 x XOBD Reset tool with rubber case
1 x Storage box
1 x 16 pin OBDII extension cable
1 x USB Type-C cable for performing updates via computer
1 x Manual and activation code
Free sofware updates provided via our website, instructions will be enclosed.


OBDII Interface 16 pin
Display 320x480 dpi TFT
Dimensions 200×92×33mm
Ports USB, Type C, DB15

XOBD Reset Tool Vs Others

Feature XOBD Reset Tool Others
Free updates for life
Genuine product and safe to use; CE, ROHS and FCC approved. Certification available on request.
Use offline - without Internet
16 Special functions - large coverage of vehicles from 1996-2021 of the many major European, Asian and American manufacturers
No subscription fees
No VIN limits
Actuation tests (Bi-directional)

No hidden subscription fees and no limitations

Unlike other tools, the XOBD Reset tool tool has no hidden subscription fees, annoying complex pricing models or limitations.

You simply make a one time purchase for the tool which includes the software application. Thereafter you can use it completely UNLIMITED:

  • No VIN restrictions, use it on as many vehicles as you like
  • Use all the special functions without restrictions, unlike others which charge you for each function such as DPF reset

Why should I buy this tool when I can by a similar tool for a lesser price?

The XOBD Reset tool has a very comprehensive function set with support for MOST makes and models

Not many tools come close to providing 16 special functions across so many makes and models without subscription fees. Beware of tools which appear to have a low initial outlay, as they have hidden subscription fees and charge for separate functions such as DPF and SAS reset, thus tying you into their product. You also have to pay to diagnose specific car manufacturers. We include MOST European, Asian and American manufacturers, all included within the one-off purchase price, no tie-ins with a life time of updates, for FREE via our website.

Vehicle coverage by special function: MOST makes and models from 1996 to 2021

What sets the XOBD All Scanner apart from the rest is its large coverage of all the major European, Asian and American car makes and models from 1996 to the present. With more vehicles being added regularly, as part of the free update cycle. There's not many tools that can claim to provide such a generous offering.

Select a special function below to see the relevant makes that are currently supported, then select the region (European, Asian, American).

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